2005 Newsletters

December 2005

  • Testing Florida's Statewide 511 System
  • Publication Scheduled For ITS Device Specifications
  • American Tower Merges With SpectraSite
  • Moment of Humor
  • Traffic Incident Management Performance Measures—"A National Perspective"
  • Editorial Corner: 511—The First Five Years Towards A National Vision
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Hurricane Wilma and FDOT's Microwave Towers
  • Wi-Fi in Florida Rest Areas
  • Public Involvement Plans
  • FDOT Equipment Certification
  • District Progress Reports

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November 2005

  • Hurricanes Katrina and Rita's South Florida Visits
  • Live From the Palmetto Expressway...Thanks to ITS!
  • 800 MHz Statewide Law Enforcement System Pilot Project Provides Road Rangers Communications Solutions
  • Defining Florida's Next Generation Traveler Information System
  • 2005 ITS Florida Annual Meeting!
  • Editorial Corner—Florida 511: The 'Eye' of the Travel Information Storm
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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October 2005

  • Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) and Freight Mobillity—Thinking Outside the Box...
  • International Security Conference East
  • Traffic Incident Management Programs: A Head Start for Surface Transportation Security Planning and Operations
  • Editorial Corner—The Outlook for ITS Under SAFETEA-LU
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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September 2005

  • SunGuide Software Update
  • South Florida ITS Technologies Save Time and Lives
  • Maryland to Participate in Groundbreaking Traffic Monitoring Project
  • Electronic Payment Systems at the Orlando International Airport
  • Editorial Corner—The 15 Minute Rule and You
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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August 2005

  • Traffic Incident Management—A Picture is Worth—Less Delay?
  • Cingular Sensational Faux Pas
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Five Million Calls For 511
  • FDOT's Strategic Intermodal System and ITS
  • Return to Open Road Tolling: The Sawgrass Expressway
  • Dedication of the District 4 SMART SunGuide Transportation Management Center
  • Application of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models into ITS Deployments
  • Editorial Corner—Going Bank "Home"
  • Moment of Humor
  • FDOT Equipment Certification
  • District Progress Reports

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July 2005

  • Stakeholder Input a Key Component of Statewide ITS Architecture Update
  • Better Contraflow Plan—A Tool for FDOT Incident Management
  • Traffic Surveillance System Communications Proof of Concept
  • 2005 ITS Florida Legislative Plan
  • Editorial Corner—It's a Small World After All!
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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June 2005

  • Florida Shows Strong at ITS America's 15th Annual Meeting and Exposition
  • The Roadway to Phoenix Was A Rough One
  • ITS Canada's 8th Annual Conference and General Meeting
  • iFlorida Update
  • Systems Engineering For ITS Projects
  • Editorial Corner—The Power of Information
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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May 2005

  • ITS—It's What's Happening in Florida's Transportation
  • Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Takes Proactive 'RISC' in Incident Clearance
  • Florida's Turnpike Traffic Management Vehicle Keeps "Eye" On Traffic
  • Funding the Operations and Replacement Costs of the FDOT ITS Program
  • FDOT District 6 SunGuide Transportation Management Center Marketing Video
  • FDOT Uses Private Sector Data to Support Public Sector Initiative
  • Statewide Incident Management—Clearing Our Roads As Quick As Possible
  • Florida's Center-to-Center Network—The Jacksonville-Orlando Pilot Project
  • Florida Lodestar Towers Lease and Operating Agreement For Commercial Wireless Telecommunication
  • Moment of Humor!

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April 2005

  • Traffic Management and the NFL!
  • Addressing the Responsibility of Cellular Phone Use and Traffic Safety
  • FDOT ITS Institution Issues Startegies/Challenges
  • ITS Florida—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Editorial Corner—ITS: The View From the Cruiser
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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March 2005

  • Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Update
  • Florida's Statewide Standards and Specification Update
  • FDOT-TERL Expanding Their ITS Effort
  • FDOT Equipment Certification
  • ITS America's Best of ITS Awards
  • Moment of Humor!
  • "New Technologies" For Increasing Freight Security
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Editorial Corner—Everyone Could Use Some Timely Information
  • ITS Florida—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • District Progress Reports

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February 2005

  • Learn How to Meet Part 940 Requirements For Federal Funding
  • Bay County—Going the ITS Way!
  • Travel Time Estimations Using Cell Phones
  • Smart Move
  • The Full Monty
  • Editorial Corner—Clearing Up Crash Scenes or Collision Avoidance?
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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January 2005

  • 2004 World Congress on ITS—The CVO Perspective
  • Performance Measures for the ITS Program—A Status Report
  • Hurricanes Assault Florida
  • I-95 Corridor Coalition Annual Meeting
  • ITS Florida News Update
  • Editorial Corner—Transpo2004
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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