2002 Newsletter

December 2002

  • Florida Department of Transportation Approves Ten-Year Cost Feasible Plan
  • Florida's ITS Strategic Plan Update
  • Florida—A National Leader in 511 Deployment
  • An Overview of Recent Travel Time Projects Around Florida
  • Florida CVISN Team Updates Program Plan
  • Highway Advisory Radio Update
  • FDOT Closes RFI With 32 Responses
  • 9th World Congress Intelligent Transport System "Blows Chicago Away"
  • TMC Pooled Fund Study
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • ITS Showcase
  • Editorial Corner

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November 2002

  • The Turnpike Enterprise Asset Management System (TEAMS)
  • Incident Management Message Sets
  • Location Reference Markers Pilot
  • Statewide Networks, Wireless Initiatives, and NTCIP Migration Highlight Range of FDOT Telecommunications Initiatives
  • UPDATE: Tampa Bay SunGuide ATIS/ISP Contracting
  • TRANSPO 2002—A Milestone Event for ITS Florida
  • ITS Office Attends PSWN Symposium
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Editorial Corner

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October 2002

  • FDOT Partners With Public and Private Sectors to Pursue "Infostructure" Model Deployment
  • ITS America Reorganizes
  • Phase I SEMP Nearing Completion
  • The Benefits and Value of ITS
  • FHWA's Regional ITS Architecture and Rule 940 Workshop
  • Florida's Amber Plan
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Editorial Corner

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September 2002

  • Business Opportunity Forum
  • FDOT, ITS Florida, Westin Innisbrook Report Represented at RATTS '02
  • ITS Florida Launching New Professional Capacity Building Program
  • Fiscal Year 2003 ITS Earmarks
  • Communications
  • OOCEA Notice of Proposed Project
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Editorial Corner

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August 2002

  • Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) Pre-Qualification Program at the FDOT-TERL
  • Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) Frequency Selection
  • ITS Office Reviewing Wireless Communications Solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Regional ITS Architectures and Rule 940 Implementation
  • ITS Florida—Supporting the Emerging Florida ITS Powerhouse
  • ITS America 2003—Florida ITS is Hot, Hot, Hot!
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Editorial Corner

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July 2002

  • The "Coming Revolution" in Transportation
  • ITS Florida Training and Education
  • Statewide Transportation Management Center (TMC) Software Project
  • 511 For Florida
  • FDOT Pursues Federal Grants
  • Tampa Bay SunGuide ATIS Invitation to Negotiate
  • Florida CVISN Team Update
  • Florida Fiber Network Status
  • SunGuide Disseminator Crossword Challenge
  • Editorial Corner
  • ITS Progress Report

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June 2002

  • FDOT to Pursue "Infostructure" Model Deployment
  • Microwave Communications System Improvements/Reconfiguration Project
  • ITS Florida Reaches Out to the ITS Community and Beyond
  • Editorial Corner

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May 2002

  • SunGuide Exhibit Draws Crowds
  • Defining Rural ITS Needs For Florida
  • Microwave Communications System Facilities.Improvements Project
  • Editorial Corner

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April 2002

  • SunGuide ITS Transportation Management Center
  • ITS Integration Guidebook
  • Florida ITS Standards and Specifications
  • Communications
  • I-Forward: The Central Data Warehouse of Florida
  • Editorial Corner

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February 2002

  • Florida Transportation Commission
  • ITS America 2002
  • ITS Corridor Master Plans and ITS Program Plan
  • 511 Traveler Information
  • TMC Software Study
  • Roadway/Weather Information Systems
  • Florida Fiber Network
  • I-4 Corridor Invitation to Negotiate
  • Training Opportunities
  • District Progress Reports

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