ITS Specifications

FDOT was among the first in the nation to develop and implement statewide specifications for ITS devices that are commonly deployed in transportation projects. Development of these specifications, their approval by the Federal Highway Administration, and subsequent publication and adoption on all transportation projects within Florida has produced numerous benefits for FDOT, including efficiency, consistency, system interoperability, and uniformity of project designs.

Atkins assisted with the initial development of FDOT’s ITS specifications and continues to develop and maintain the minimum technical requirements for a wide variety of Traffic Control Devices, including ITS devices. These specifications are incorporated into construction contracts, design requirements, and other contractual documents used by FDOT to construct projects as well as purchase equipment and services.

While the ITS Program is responsible for the creation and maintenance of technical content contained in FDOT’s minimum requirements, the final specifications developed under this project are published by FDOT's Specifications Office; interested stakeholders can review content and print or download copies at

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