Change Management Board

The FDOT ITS Program is responsible for developing systems that are compatible with each other and ensure a seamless network of ITS functions along Florida’s major transportation corridors. FDOT uses change management to monitor changes and their effects. FDOT established a Change Management Board (CMB) in 2004 to oversee and manage ITS deployments in Florida, with specific emphasis on implementing needed changes in a deliberate, controlled manner that takes into account the impact on regional and statewide systems. The CMB ensures that proposed changes are consistent with long-term goals as well as with the user’s needs.

The CMB members meet quarterly to discuss items/changes that need CMB approval prior to implementation or deployment; each change is vetted at the meeting. After a topic is discussed, each CMB member votes on whether or not they approve the change. If the majority of the members vote in favor of the change, FDOT moves forward with it. The CMB board consists of voting members and non-voting members. The voting members include representatives from each FDOT District, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, and Central Office. It also includes a representative from the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX). Non-voting members include any agency within Florida that is partnered with FDOT on any initiative or project being discussed at the meeting.

Atkins assists FDOT in conducting meetings and preparing needed documents.

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