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Bay County ATMS

Bay County’s advanced traffic management system utilizes the latest ITS technology to improve surface transportation efficiency. FDOT developed this project to serve Panama City, Springfield, Lynn Haven, and Cedar Grove. It includes deployment of a fiber optic communication network and closed-circuit television camera system; upgrade of the existing traffic signal controllers operated by Bay County and the City of Panama City along the fiber optic cable installation route; and construction and operation of the Bay County transportation management center.

Atkins assisted FDOT by providing design consulting services, including developing plans, specifications, and estimates as well as 100-percent plan sets for the Invitation to Bid for the Bay County advanced traffic management system.

Special Projects

    Following is information on special projects:

Guidelines for the Use of Dynamic Message Signs on the Florida State Highway System (Final Version, September 25, 2008)

White Paper: ITS Maintenance—A Key Component to the Future of an Intelligent Transportation System (Final Version, May 2, 2008)


Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 09/10 - FINAL published March 2010)

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 08/09 - FINAL published April 2009)

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 05/06 - published August 2006)

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 04/05 - published May 2005)


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