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FL-511 Covered RoadwaysSince the 511 dialing code was assigned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in July 2000, FDOT has created a premiere 511 system. As originally defined by the FCC, 511 is a toll free telephone system that provides real-time travel information to the public. Extensive planning and design work went into developing FDOT's 511 system, which first launched in the Orlando area in June 2002. Since that time, FDOT launched regional services in southeast Florida (July 2002), Tampa Bay (2004), statewide (2005), northeast Florida (2006), and southwest Florida (2007).

As methods of receiving information have changed, the scope of how to provide 511 has also changed. In June 2009, FDOT launched the Statewide Florida 511 System (FL-511) for traveler information with new caller menus, a new web site, and expanded My Florida 511 custom routes and alerts, enabling users from anywhere in Florida to access the same 511 system and get information through one, seamless phone call and web site.

In November 2011, FDOT launched a mobile application for the FL-511 service; in February 2012, FDOT added Twitter to continue to meet users' needs.

FDOT receives information on roadway conditions through various means, including:

  • Probe data
  • License plate readers
  • Toll tag readers
  • Wireless detectors
  • Global positioning system sensors
  • Closed-circuit television camera monitoring
  • District transportation management center staff
  • Traveling public

FDOT performed a study on probe data. This information is available at the Probe Data web page. More 511 information is available at

FDOT holds working group meetings for FL-511. Following are the meeting minutes:

Older FL-511 documents are available in the Archive. Florida's 511 Progress reports are available in Publications.

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