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TSM&O Statewide Workshops - April through June 2012

Transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) is a systemic, performance-driven approach to improve safety, manage congestion, and maximize highway operations. Transportation issues, such as worsening urban congestion, decreasing travel time reliability, and increasing population numbers that outpace increases in roadway miles, are no longer solvable with traditional solutions that simply add lane miles. Capacity projects such as roadway widening still play a major role in providing mobility; however, TSM&O requires a paradigm shift: provide mobility rather than transportation capacity. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), multi-modal applications, and higher land-use densities all contribute to an operations-driven approach that maximizes use of transportation assets. Another key component is the role that data plays in defining and reporting performance metrics.

Mobility is defined through the eyes of travelers: How much delay is due to congestion? Are travel times predictable? Information must be real-time and systems must be able to detect and respond to situations immediately.

Key TSM&O strategies include:

  • Definition of transportation networks to be managed
  • Definitions of primary system user groups and associated performance measures
  • Development of data collection and analysis systems to support performance measurement
  • Development of a functional plan to guide TSM&O program activities and resource allocation
  • Identification of operations and management strategies to achieve network performance targets

These strategies build on agency strengths and resources for the entire project cycle from initial concept to planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance. Upcoming areas of focus include arterials, freight, and work zones. TSM&O is based on a performance-driven approach to system management definition, measurement, and reporting of performance.

Atkins has supported the FDOT Central Office ITS Program from the initiation of TSM&O as a program. Our work has included systematic actions such as development of the TSM&O Strategic and Business Plans, TSM&O guidance documents, and other documentation. We support the TSM&O Leadership Team (comprised of executive leadership from FDOT Central Office and Districts) and Task Team (who provide staff-level input) in all aspects of meeting organization including agendas, organization, and completion of meeting deliverables, and minutes.  To facilitate TSM&O integration into all FDOT policies, processes, and procedures, we developed a tool to rank these items in priority order to amend them to include language about TSM&O. We also helped to create a presentation to FDOT’s Executive Board to report on progress on TSM&O initiatives to date.  We are also actively producing TSM&O guidance documents to assist in the planning and deployment of various TSM&O strategies and actions.

Atkins is assisting FDOT with TSM&O by:

  • Providing support to TSM&O leadership and task team meetings
  • Providing the TSM&O Strategic Plan update (December 2013)
  • Updating the Tier 2 Business Plan
  • Providing presentations for the FDOT Executive Board
  • Developing TSM&O guidance documents for hard shoulder running and ramp signals

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