Systems Engineering

FDOT's Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) enables an ITS engineer to manage a project using systems engineering principles and methods to maximize the quality of the system being implemented, while minimizing the budget and schedule required for its completion. Following is a list of the SEMP documents:

Technical Memorandum: Writing a Project Systems Engineering Management Plan (Version 4, September 29, 2006)

SEMP - Ver. 2 - (This is a pdf of Deliverable 1-10: Technical Memorandum, Florida's Statewide Systems Engineering Management Plan, Version 2, March 7, 2005)

Appendix A - SunGuide® ITS Checklist Form

Appendix B - Definitions

Appendix C - Example of the Use of the ITS Architecture and Tools

Appendix D - The Need for a Systems Engineering Process—Federal Rule 940

Appendix E - Program Management Plan Template

Appendix F - Operational Development Plan Template

Appendix G - System / Subsystem Requirements Specification

Appendix H - Software Development Plan Template

Appendix I- Hardware Development Plan Template

Appendix J - System Test Plan Template

Appendix K - Test Procedures Template

Appendix L - Test Report Template

Appendix M - Configuration and Data Management Plan Template

Appendix N- Quality Management Plan Template

Appendix O - Project Performance Management Plan Template

Appendix P - Scope of Services Template

Appendix Q - Subcontract Management Plan Template

Appendix R - Concept of Operations Template

Appendix S - Security Engineering Plan Template

Appendix T - Human Factors Engineering Project Plan Template

Appendix U - Integrated Logistics Support Plan Template

Appendix V - Risk Management Plan Template

Appendix W - Reliability and Maintainability Program Plan Template

Appendix X - System Safety Plan Template

Technical Memorandum No. 1: A Process Review and Appraisal of the Systems Engineering Capability for the FDOT

    • Appendix A - A Process Review of the Accepted Standards and Best Practices for Developing Systems Engineering Process Models
    • Appendix B - A Process Review of Best Practices Using Systems Engineering to Develop ITS Architectures
    • Appendix C - A Process Review of Best Practices and Process Standards for the Deployment of ITS Field Elements
    • Appendix D - A Summary Report of the Analysis of the District Responses to the Current Systems Engineering Capability Maturity Model Questionnaire


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