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SunGuide software is FDOT's advanced traffic management software, enabling real-time, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week operation of FDOT’s transportation system. FDOT realized the need for this software on limited-access facilities in the early 2000s. After beginning to develop several different software platforms at various transportation management centers (TMC), FDOT decided to develop software that could be customized and used at all TMCs to save on the cost from duplication of design, build, and maintenance. FDOT used a systems engineering approach to ensure quality and reliability. In order to save time and money in software development, FDOT partnered and collaborated with Texas DOT through shared software use.

Throughout this process, Atkins provided contract management support to develop an FDOT-owned product. Atkins consultant staff are responsible for providing independent validation and verification, a key component of the systems engineering process, ensuring that the software meets system requirements and user needs.

FDOT modifies the software to add/enhance functionalities. To date, SunGuide software has six releases:

SunGuide Software Release History
1.x Initial release with basic advanced traffic management systems functionalities, such as closed-circuit television camera, dynamic message signs, incident management, message attribution system, traffic sensor system, travel time, video switching, and video wall 2005
2.x Added new subsystems: ramp metering, road weather information sensors, highway advisory radio, safety barrier cable systems, inventory and maintenance, emergency evacuation, and center-to-center plug-in 2005-2006
3.x Enhanced previous release’s features and added new subsystems: 511, automated vehicle location/Road Ranger, event management, reporting, variable speed limit, and express lanes 2007-2008
4.x Enhanced travel time, Florida Highway Patrol/computer-aided dispatch, automated vehicle location/Road Ranger, and express lanes 2008-2009
5.x Enhanced Operator Map, INRIX® integration, Smartphone Application for Road Rangers, Connected Vehicle Integration 2010-2011
6.x Video on desktop, full matrix/full color dynamic message signs support; support for Microsoft SQL Server Database; scheduler for automating various SunGuide software actions 2013


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