ITS Product Evaluation and Approval

The FDOT Traffic Engineering Research Laboratory (TERL) evaluates and certifies traffic control signals and devices, per Florida Statute 316.0745. The TERL develops and updates standards, specifications, test procedures, and testing capabilities to evaluate and approve transportation equipment.  TERL staff also maintains, develops, and implements policies and procedures used to approve the quality management systems of equipment suppliers.  The TERL ensures that equipment listed on FDOT’s Approved Product List (APL) meets FDOT minimum requirements, is safe, and is manufactured and supported by a company with a documented quality management system.

The TERL also ensures that the quality management system of equipment suppliers listed on the FDOT Acceptable Quality System List meets FDOT minimum requirements for quality systems. The TERL’s own quality management system is undergoing continuous improvements towards becoming compliant with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17065, a recognized and widely accepted quality standard for product certification bodies. Becoming ISO 17065-compliant will not only improve TERL’s efficiency and the quality of its services to equipment suppliers, contractors, and other government agencies, it will also enhance its credibility among equipment suppliers through leading by example.

The TERL statewide ITS device approval program and the APL provide benefits to FDOT Districts and expressway authorities; county and city maintaining agencies; and contractors, vendors, and consultants doing business in Florida. These benefits include reduced duplication of effort, improvements in the consistency and uniformity of project designs, establishment of statewide purchasing agreements with competitive pricing that can be used by other agencies, improvements in the consistency and repeatability of product approvals, and improvements in overall product performance and quality.

As the FDOT ITS General Consultant, Atkins provides a multidisciplinary team of full-time staff to support the TERL. 

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