2004 Newsletters

December 2004

  • Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Takes Proactive 'RISC' in Incident Clearance
  • Microwave Update
  • Moment of Humor!
  • ITS Staff Meet With Japanese Trade Delegation
  • Florida's Turnpike Traffic Management Vehicle Keeps "Eye" On Traffic
  • FDOT's Annual ITS Working Group Meeting
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • ITS Florida—A View From the Capitol
  • Editorial Corner—A Sign of Things to Come!
  • FDOT Equipment Certification
  • District Progress Reports

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November 2004

  • Hurricane Charliy's Impact on Traffic Equipment and Structures
  • Traffic Signal Crews Start All Over
  • LeeWay Variable Pricing—Saving Time and Money
  • 11th World Congress on ITS Summary
  • Lane Departure Warning Technology: A "Wake-up Call" for Today's Drivers
  • Editorial Corner—A Quantum Leap Forward for Hurricane Evacuation in Florida
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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October 2004

  • Tampa Bay 511 Traveler Information Service Now Available
  • Battling Hurricanes in the Florida Keys With ITS
  • FHWA Florida Division Oversight of Federal-aid Projects
  • I-95 Corridor Coalition Leadership Workshop
  • ITS World Congress Ancillary Event—Electronic Payment Systems
  • Transportation—"Saves" Lives, Time, Money & Jobs—Fund It!
  • Editorial Corner—Bringing Together Visitors and ITS...Assume Nothing
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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September 2004

  • Funding the Operations and Replacement Costs of the FDOT ITS Program
  • iFlorida Update
  • ITS Florida's Annual Scholarship Program
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Register Now for Transpo2004—Border Wars
  • Editorial Corner—Colocation in Regional Transportation Management Centers
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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August 2004

  • Vehicle Infrastructure Integration
  • Florida Receives Grant to Improve Florida Amber Plan
  • The Florida Amber Plan Implementation Assistance Program
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Florida's Turnpike Enterprise's Open Road Tolling Test Site in South Florida
  • Editorial Corner—Statewide Traffic Incident Management

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July 2004

  • Florida—Leading the Nation in 511
  • About Our Cartoonist
  • Moment of Humor
  • A Different Light on ITS in Florida
  • SunGuide Road Watcher Program in District 4
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Lights on For Lee County
  • District 6 Hi-Tech Eye on Traffic
  • Editorial Corner—No Telling What We Can Accomplish
  • District Progress Reports

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June 2004

  • National Weather Service Transmitting From Sneads, Florida
  • Change Management Board's First Change Request
  • Emergency Operations in Transportation Management Centers
  • Statewide Incident Management Team Meeting
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Editorial Corner—You Say Goodbye...
  • ...I Say Hello
  • FDOT Equipment Certification

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May 2004

  • ITS America's 14th Annual Meeting and Exposition
  • FDOT Wins ITS America Best of ITS Award
  • Florida Ports to Evaluate the Freight Information Real-Time System for Transport
  • SunGuide Software Update
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Lakeland Electric Expands its Fiber Network Through Agreement with FDOT
  • Editorial Corner—Performance Measures Instrumental to ITS

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April 2004

  • Florida's Statewide ITS Architecture Update
  • Ramp Metering in the Miami-Dade Area
  • First International Conference on Virtual and Remote Weigh Stations
  • FDOT Partners with FHWA to Host ITS and Safety Workshops
  • ITS Florida's Second Annual ITS Legislative Awareness Day and Related Events
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Message From the Florida Transportation Commission
  • Editorial Corner—ITS Technologies and Safety

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March 2004

  • Editorial Corner—A Matter of Dollars and Sense
  • Virtual Weigh-In Motion Stations
  • Florida Plans Implementation of Bypass Detection Station
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's Freight Information and Real-Time System for Transport
  • Moment of Humor!
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Getting the Word Out!
  • ITS America's 14th Annual Meeting and Exposition
  • District Progress Reports

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February 2004

  • Ken Morefield is Retiring From FDOT!
  • ADDCO's Innovative ITS Project in Florida Will Shorten Delays and Enhance Safety
  • Everglades Radio Network—Update
  • The University of Florida's "Top Down" Central Data Warehouse Research Project
  • Traffic Engineering Software Tools Research Project
  • iFlorida—Update
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • Planning For Implementation of Transit Signal Priority
  • Editorial Corner—Public Health and Transportation

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January 2004

  • Preliminary Performance Measures for ITS Deployments—Update
  • FDOT End-of-the-Year ITS Working Group Meeting—A Continuing Success Story!
  • Madrid World Congress Provides Global Perspective on ITS
  • Upcoming Commercial Vehicle-Related Meetings
  • 2003 Urban Mobility Report—What Does it Mean to Us?
  • SunGuide Disseminator Word Challenge
  • ITS Florida News Update
  • Editorial Corner

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